Friday, July 3, 2009

Sea trial 250609

Sea trial??

Is when a vessel sailing from maintanance/repair to do the main engine parts, it necessary for sea trial request by the superintendant or cruise (chief engineer) to check the main engine condition ( especially measure temperature for bearing of main engine ). The temperature will take few times to make sure the temperature <> Compass adjustment by specialist cost around 1600 dollar per service(owner price). To do the adjustment during ship turning and rotating by tugboat. He just take few minutes to do the adjustment. Adjustment of the compass by adjust the pin inside the compass trunk rack by hand and using a meter as a reference.

Compass mass

Vessel shift by using tugboat from quay side.

Three importance person, kapten of vessel(man in brown), pilot (man in white), dock master (main in blue)

Jurong shipyard pulau samulun repair site view

Nice view during sea trial (offshore)

Fill oil boat come to close to vessel to pump oil....

After two hours sea trial, a small boat coming to fetch us back to yard...

The way to go down from vessel to small boat...

View from small boat during going back...

Barge carrier