Friday, July 3, 2009

Sea trial 250609

Sea trial??

Is when a vessel sailing from maintanance/repair to do the main engine parts, it necessary for sea trial request by the superintendant or cruise (chief engineer) to check the main engine condition ( especially measure temperature for bearing of main engine ). The temperature will take few times to make sure the temperature <> Compass adjustment by specialist cost around 1600 dollar per service(owner price). To do the adjustment during ship turning and rotating by tugboat. He just take few minutes to do the adjustment. Adjustment of the compass by adjust the pin inside the compass trunk rack by hand and using a meter as a reference.

Compass mass

Vessel shift by using tugboat from quay side.

Three importance person, kapten of vessel(man in brown), pilot (man in white), dock master (main in blue)

Jurong shipyard pulau samulun repair site view

Nice view during sea trial (offshore)

Fill oil boat come to close to vessel to pump oil....

After two hours sea trial, a small boat coming to fetch us back to yard...

The way to go down from vessel to small boat...

View from small boat during going back...

Barge carrier

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Redang 090509

Woke up on 0530hrs in early morning, make sure everthing all right, Ms Miao offered fetch us to KL sentral. Get into the KLIA bus, i met up with my second college Sibu, Sarawak juniors. They not official gradauted, waiting for convocation celebration. Therefore, they went back to hometown.

First thing to do in KLIA ---KFC breakfast....

After breakfast we went to duty free hall in way of departure hall...
Try the Chanel perfume- Chance @ EAU FRAICHE
**note: Chanel perfume in airport duty free do not have any tax reduction=normal price as in market!!!

When waitng for the plane departs, a cute ang mo girl playing around the walkway while pretty teng nang girl sit at seat ......

Domestic flight from KL to KT

40 mins past by......Finally reach KT airport. KT airport look very new & quiet...
What lake is it?? Kenyir Lake ( largest man make lake in Malaysia)?! I think so..
This view captured not far from KT airport is around 5mins flight speed distance

Went down from the plane and hurry to main entrance looking for tourguide.. One man holding two piece of paper wrote "Mr Ong Yeang Hsiah". We approached him then he arranged a taxi fethched us to jetty of KT. Due to time constrain, no chance to take the airport interior and outlook photo...
After 20mins, we reached KT jetty.

Terengganu flag

Cool and adorable little with sun glass...

Little girl : "Hello, nice to meet you."
Baby : " Me as well."

After 1 hour journey, reach one kampung waiting for other boat to Redang reef resort.

Fishing ship at the village seaside.

OBlue sky, clean seawater, white sand beach, natural, relaxing, freedom......... I love it........
Finally reach redang reef resort...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Redang Island @ 2009

You never go before?? Of course…. Redang – a beautiful island always hear around many years ago. …
I have a wish that every year go to an island for my holiday in my future… This is my first holiday since I started my career.

Air ticket.. The main reason I went to Redang-once booked the ticket you will plan everything for it. *For my friends never think of it, just do it…

Someday in third quarter year 2008, MAS airlines 0 fares promotion for domestic flight!! First I think of Redang @ Kuala Terengganu. I look at Singapore public holiday calendar 09 and try to search the date during April and May. Hooray, I found three optional times on Good Friday, Labour day and Wesak day. Wesak day was selected.

What packages I going to choose for this holiday? First pack is 1 night @ KT + 3 nights @ Redang . Second pack is 4 nights @ Redang. In early stage I choose package 1, but look at KT tourist map shown that not much interesting visiting point. End up I choose my darling suggestion-pack@2. Waiting for Matta fair in March 09, we booked redang reef resort as our holiday accommodation.


Today, I carry my heavily luggage and my new D90 to office. Early morning I bring D90 to take my recently repair ship- Green point car carrier vessel and Bintulu FSO –Caspian Sea in DD1 & DD2. Hole day looking at clock waiting for time to go back… 1615 hours siren sounding, I “tumpang” Alex motor to Boonlay interchange rush to take MRT to Changi, budget airport. 2055 hours the flight depart from Singapore to KL, Malaysia.

My stuffs for holiday….

It is gate 6 or 8?? Confusing …..

Singapore night scene….

Sunday, March 22, 2009


今天星期天,阴。。。 很久没在宿舍呆。。。
突然第一次在“假狮城”(Singapura) 买联合早报,









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