Thursday, May 21, 2009

Redang Island @ 2009

You never go before?? Of course…. Redang – a beautiful island always hear around many years ago. …
I have a wish that every year go to an island for my holiday in my future… This is my first holiday since I started my career.

Air ticket.. The main reason I went to Redang-once booked the ticket you will plan everything for it. *For my friends never think of it, just do it…

Someday in third quarter year 2008, MAS airlines 0 fares promotion for domestic flight!! First I think of Redang @ Kuala Terengganu. I look at Singapore public holiday calendar 09 and try to search the date during April and May. Hooray, I found three optional times on Good Friday, Labour day and Wesak day. Wesak day was selected.

What packages I going to choose for this holiday? First pack is 1 night @ KT + 3 nights @ Redang . Second pack is 4 nights @ Redang. In early stage I choose package 1, but look at KT tourist map shown that not much interesting visiting point. End up I choose my darling suggestion-pack@2. Waiting for Matta fair in March 09, we booked redang reef resort as our holiday accommodation.


Today, I carry my heavily luggage and my new D90 to office. Early morning I bring D90 to take my recently repair ship- Green point car carrier vessel and Bintulu FSO –Caspian Sea in DD1 & DD2. Hole day looking at clock waiting for time to go back… 1615 hours siren sounding, I “tumpang” Alex motor to Boonlay interchange rush to take MRT to Changi, budget airport. 2055 hours the flight depart from Singapore to KL, Malaysia.

My stuffs for holiday….

It is gate 6 or 8?? Confusing …..

Singapore night scene….

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